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Fix Car Dents in a Few Simple Steps

Jan 23

Small accidents are common small collisions are commonplace in Manhattan Beach, and the results of the collisions are very common. We've mastered the art of bumper dent repairs, from paintless dent removal San Diego (PDR) to scratched-paint-type varieties. Our mobile dent repair services ensure that any scratches you've picked up while traveling to work will look as good as new by the time you return back home. In only an hour, our dent repair service can be completed.


What is the best method to fix a scratch?

Paintless Dent Removal is the most effective. Dents take only minutes to repair, and there are no hazardous chemicals that could damage your car's finish! Repairs aren't as time-consuming as they may seem the first glance. But, the price of this service will be less than other options.

This is done by making small incisions around the affected area until we get to the metal on one side. This triggers enough pain receptors within the nerve fiber bundle to allow for adequate healing. If one presses too hard any person who has done any bodywork will know exactly where the tiny circles are supposed to be.


This is a quick overview of how we remove dents and what to expect from Bumper Buddies the next time you're in need of us:


Step 1: Get ready.


We clean the area properly before we treat it, removing any debris or dust. We will determine whether an annual repair of a dent is essential or it is better to go for a painless damage removal San Diego. If the former, the repair will be completed after the second step.

Step 2: Apply the heat


The dent is treated using a heat gun after the area has been properly cleaned. Apply some heat to the bumper in order to bring it back to its original form and to repair the damage.


Step 3: Body Filler


To ensure that the area that has been damaged is smoothed and finished even if it isn't completely heal after treatment, we apply an injection of body filler.


Step 4: Prime and sand


The area in which the dent forms is sanded to provide a smooth surface for the paint primer after the filler has dried for 20 or 30 minutes. The primer aids in the adhesion of the paint to the bumper.


Step 5: Paint the area


After the primer has dried, you can paint over the area. The paint we use is computer-match at Bumper Buddies to ensure a perfect color match. This means that your bumper looks brand new and smooth, with no unattractive patches or discoloration.


Step 6: Apply a clear Coat


After the mobile repair is finished, we'll apply a clear, glossy coat to enhance the paint and shield the area that has been damaged.


Painting is a long-winded and often expensive process that can be painful when it comes to getting dents removed of your vehicle. Paintless dent removal San Diego is possible without the need for painting! You will be able to save money and not need to redo an important project. We'll demonstrate how simple the methods are, with step-by-step instructions as well as links to additional information or videos.


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