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Life Insurance With a Medical Marijuana Card

Feb 20

Life Insurance With a Medical Marijuana Card

For a long time, cannabis was both illegal as well as legal under federal and state laws. At the present, medical marijuana is legal in all 36 states and four territories. There is a lot of confusion about how medical marijuana might impact your insurance and other aspects.


We will be reviewing how insurance companies currently view medical marijuana card online, including whether or not it is covered, and the impact it has on rates and eligibility. We will focus on the most vital consumer insurance products, like health and life insurance.

Medical Marijuana Uses

Medical marijuana refers to any treatment made from cannabis Sativa plants and contains significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol. THC, a widely used drug, is known for its psychoactive effects, is utilized to treat certain ailments.


The FDA has approved many THC-based drugs, but the cannabis plant is not approved for treatment. Dronabinol (or made in a lab THC) is an FDA-approved medicine that can help reduce nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Other chemical compounds that are made from THC can help patients with HIV/AIDS lose weight and improve appetite.


Medical marijuana may be beneficial for certain ailments, FDA has yet to approve any other uses. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) maintains that further research is needed before officially sanctioning different treatments. It also points out that patients who use marijuana need to be cautious due to the higher chance of accidents with cars.


Medical marijuana laws

Federal law makes medical marijuana illegal. Certain states permit marijuana for medical purposes or, in certain instances recreational use. There is lots of confusion among marijuana users.


Although the laws have been changed in several states, there's an ongoing internal debate over medical marijuana. This makes it hard to know what to anticipate.


Federally-regulated financial institutions are less likely to take marijuana since it is illegal at the federal level.


Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

Health insurance does not cover medical marijuana since it is illegal at the federal level. If the FDA approves medical marijuana, it may alter the policy.


What does medical marijuana mean for your health insurance?

Insurers can only use five elements in determining your health insurance rate. These are age the location, the use of tobacco. Medical marijuana cards are not one of these aspects. Also, you should not list any ailments that are treated with cannabis.


What is medical marijuana got to have to do with the cost of life insurance?

Even though you can purchase life insurance using marijuana, the premiums could be higher. There are many ways that medical marijuana can affect your life insurance rates.

Health issues

Life insurance companies are more worried about the fact that you are using medical marijuana, rather than the actual substance. In particular, it could be challenging, or impossible to obtain coverage if you have a terminal condition such as Cancer. If you decide to apply for life insurance, the insurer will review your medical information to determine the degree of any requirement. This includes whether or not to use marijuana. If you have severe medical conditions life insurance coverage could be more costly.


Smoker classification

Insurance companies are more likely to allow you to smoke marijuana. They will charge you a higher rate than those for non-smokers, but not all insurance providers take medical marijuana applicants as smokers. This is even if you do not smoke marijuana but inhale it.



The rate you pay for insurance could be affected by your marijuana use frequency. Standard rates might be accessible to you if you don't use marijuana regularly. Smoking marijuana regularly can qualify you for more expensive rates.


The most important thing is the bottom line

Medical marijuana insurance is an unexplored area. Medical marijuana is still not legal at the federal level. The FDA has not endorsed any medical marijuana-related treatments. While insurance companies aren't required to be able to cover medical marijuana services but it shouldn't impact your insurance coverage eligibility. You may have to pay higher premiums to get life insurance. To find the best price discuss with an insurance agent regarding your medical history.

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