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Bakersfield CA Truckers: Stay Safe On The Road With Our Guide

May 2

A lot of trucker injuries are caused by being exposed to specific events or situations. Trucking companies Bakersfield, CA, drivers should be especially cautious about four possible injuries.


1. Road accidents

This is the most evident. Truckers put in long hours in front of vehicles that have large blind areas and poor maneuverability. When they are driving at night, in bad weather, or on ice roads, the danger of an accident is higher.


2. Unskillful ergonomics can cause injuries

Being in the same position for long periods of time can cause leg, back arm, hand, or back injuries for truckers. They may also suffer from muscles that are sore when loading or unloading goods.


3. Repairs on the field

During field maintenance or vehicle servicing, truckers can be injured in different ways.


4. Falls

The doors for the passenger and driver aren't as close to the ground as cars of other types. Drivers can be at risk of injury when climbing into or descending from a vehicle.



What are some of the hazards of trucking?


1. There are risks of mishaps

  • Leaks or spills of combustible liquids can pose the possibility of fire (e.g. tanks damaged due to mechanical failures or collide)

  • Chemical burns could result from dangerous products like explosives and toxic chemicals.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious but rare complication that can be caused by automobile exhaust, and can also be a problem.

  • Particularly, truck drivers with long hauls are more prone to car accidents.

  • There is a greater risk of exhaustion because of long driving hours.

  • Falling from a ladder or from a trailer, for example.

  • You risk crushing two trailers when you try to separate them.

  • Trauma resulting from physical strain, such as when lifting large cargo pieces.

  • Distraction, Fatigue & Impairment


2. Health risks being aware of


  • Engine noises above 80 dBA could cause severe headaches as well as permanent hearing loss.

  • Exposition to radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum (UV).

  • Exposure to extreme heat or cold may result in health problems (for example, heat stroke and frostbite).

  • Vibrations can cause fatigue as well as damage to the musculoskeletal system.


3. Toxicological Risks


  • Chemicals that can be poisonous while transporting hazardous items

  • Skin diseases, like skin irritations caused by chemical substances, are more likely.

  • Consequences for the long term of inhaling exhaust fumes

  • Inhalation of dust is a hazard that can be triggered when you drive on desert roads.


4. Aspects of Biological Safety


  • An increased risk of disease transmission or contamination from biological cargo


5. Ergonomic Risks


  • It is possible to develop lower back pain and other musculoskeletal issues because of long periods of driving while in an awkward position.

  • Eye swelling from eye strain from driving at night or in inadequate lighting conditions.


6. Risques to Mental Health and Well-being


  • Being in danger of losing one's life (for instance or being the victim of a crime that targets precious loads, aswell as physical violence at roadside rest stops)

  • The pressure of being far from friends and loved ones and also the fear that someone could receive unwanted instructions via a mobile phone or other radio communication device could be extremely stress-inducing.

  • There are steps that trucking companies in Bakersfield (CA) can adopt to protect their health and safety while at work.


Before you drive a truck to work, what must you be aware of?

These tips can help reduce the chance of being hurt or even dying while driving.


  • Moving or lifting large or awkward objects can be hazardous if done improperly.

  • Utilize mechanical lifting aids as often as you can to ease your burden.

  • Be aware not to inhale the exhaust fumes coming from your vehicle.

  • When you're parked, stop the engine, particularly in an enclosed area.

  • Personal protective apparel including steel-toed shoes, and gloves that resist chemicals, and overalls, should be used to keep your hands and body protected.

  • When driving for long periods make small breaks frequently.

  • Learn how to detect and react to the threat of violence by participating in workshops for training.

The company that transports your truck Bakersfield CA should provide an individual alarm that you could use to contact them for assistance.

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