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Exactly How to Use Medical Cannabis Safely & Sensibly

Sep 5

If you are one of the millions of individuals who deal with a chronic ailment, you might have been recommended medical marijuana by your doctor. Medical cannabis has been revealed to be an effective therapy for a range of problems, including chronic pain, cancer cells, and several sclerosis. However how do you consume it? There are various means to take medical cannabis, as well as each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this write-up, we will go over 11 various methods to take in medical marijuana and also the advantages and disadvantages of each approach!

Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana is one of the most usual means to consume it. This technique provides the energetic ingredients of cannabis, THC as well as CBD, straight to your lungs where they are then absorbed right into your blood stream. The impacts of smoking cannabis are felt nearly immediately and also optimal within thirty minutes. Nonetheless, the results only last for a few hours. Smoking cannabis can additionally be extreme on your lungs and may trigger respiratory disease or various other breathing troubles.

Pros of Smoking Cannabis:

  • The results are felt almost right away
  • It is one of the most usual and prominent technique of consuming cannabis
  • Easy to use, even for those without in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Many individuals delight in the unique flavor of cannabis, which is due to the visibility of flavonoids and terpenoids in the plant.
  • Though the dose is not constantly exact, it's very easy to provide.
  • The effects of this medication lasts for a few hours, which is perfect if you need to stay effective.

Cons of Smoking Marijuana:

  • The impacts only last for a couple of hrs
  • Smoking can be rough on your lungs
  • Minors are not allowed.
  • It's feasible that the results will not last.
  • Smoking cannabis is among the smelliest means to consume it, which can make being very discreet hard.

Vaporizing Marijuana

Vaporizing is similar to smoking, but it involves heating up the marijuana plant product or concentrate without burning it. This releases the energetic ingredients of marijuana, THC and also CBD, right into a vapor that is then inhaled. The impacts of vaporizing are really felt within minutes and height within 30-60 mins. Nonetheless, the impacts only last for a few hours.

Pros of Vaporizing Marijuana:

  • The impacts are really felt within minutes
  • It is a much less extreme means to consume marijuana than smoking
  • The dosage is easy to manage, although establishing accurate does is still challenging.
  • It's a lot a lot more reliable than smoking cannabis to obtain the very same outcomes. In order to obtain the preferred effect, you need to use really little medical cannabis.
  • It's not only less harmful than smoking, but it's likewise less evident.

Cons of Vaporizing Marijuana:

  • The results only last for a couple of hours
  • You require unique devices to evaporate marijuana (a vaporizer).
  • High-quality vaporizers can be expensive.
  • When you utilize a low-quality vaporizer, you placed yourself in jeopardy of breathing in shedding metals and also plastic. You do not intend to take in shedding anything.

Eating Marijuana

You can also consume marijuana by eating it. This is generally done by cooking it into food, such as brownies or cookies, or brewing it into a tea. The effects of eating marijuana are really felt within 30-60 mins as well as can last for numerous hours. Nonetheless, this technique is not as prominent due to the fact that it is tough to regulate the dosage as well as the results can be extremely unpredictable.

Pros of Eating Marijuana:

  • The results can last for numerous hours.
  • It is a discrete way to eat cannabis.

Cons of Eating Marijuana:

  • The effects are difficult to forecast.
    It takes longer for the impacts to be felt (30-60 minutes).

Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

Dabbing is a technique of consuming marijuana concentrates, such as hash oil or wax. This is done by heating up the concentrate on a warm surface and after that breathing in the vapor that is produced. The results of dabbing are felt nearly quickly as well as can last for a number of hrs. Nonetheless, this method is not as prominent due to the fact that it needs unique equipment and also can be very potent.

Pros of Dabbing Marijuana:

  • The results are felt virtually quickly.
  • It is an extremely potent way to take in marijuana.

Cons of Dabbing Marijuana:

  • It needs unique equipment (a dab rig).
  • It can be more difficult to control the dosage.

Topical Application of Marijuana

Cannabis can also be applied straight to the skin in the form of lotions, ointments, as well as oils. This technique is not as preferred due to the fact that the impacts are local and not very potent.

Pros of Topical Application of Marijuana:

  • The impacts are local (i.e. they only influence the area where the cannabis was applied).
  • It is a discrete way to take in marijuana.

Cons of Topical Application of Marijuana:

  • The effects are not extremely potent.
  • It is tough to manage the dose.

Transdermal Patch

A transdermal patch is a patch that is placed on the skin and also absorbs cannabis with the skin. This approach is not as prominent because it can be challenging to control the dose.

Pros of Transdermal Patch:

  • The results are local (i.e. they only affect the area where the patch was placed).
  • It is a distinct way to eat cannabis.

Cons of Transdermal Patch:

  • The effects can be hard to control.
  • There is a risk of skin irritability.

Inhalation of Marijuana

Marijuana can likewise be inhaled through a nebulizer, which is a tool that turns liquid marijuana right into a vapor that can be inhaled. This technique is not as prominent since it needs unique equipment and can be difficult to manage the dosage.

Pros of Inhalation of Marijuana:

  • The effects are really felt nearly instantly.
  • It is a powerful means to consume marijuana.

Cons of Inhalation of Marijuana:

  • It needs special devices (a nebulizer).
  • The results can be hard to manage.

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Medical Marijuana Laws

In the state of Colorado, medical cannabis is lawful. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions on who can utilize it as well as how it can be gotten. A medical cannabis card is needed in order to buy medical cannabis from a dispensary. Dispensaries are regulated by the state as well as are only enabled to sell a certain quantity of medical marijuana to each patient.

There are additionally some limitations on how medical marijuana can be utilized. It is important to contact your regional legislations prior to using medical marijuana, as the laws differ from state to state.


There are various methods to consume medical cannabis, and also each approach has its own pros and cons. It is important to choose the method that is right for you, based on your demands and also choices. You should likewise be aware of the lawful constraints in your state, as they can vary from one state to another.

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