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Cannabis Joint: How To Roll it Perfectly

Jan 18

When it comes to smoking, one of the most common methods of consuming cannabis, there is no substitute for the conventional joint. However, making a good joint is not always easy. You risk making a huge mess and running out of cannabis if you aren't careful. You'll discover how to roll your joints just like a cannabis pre-roll in this tutorial.

Joint Rolling: A Lost Art

Every respectable stoner was an excellent at rolling a good joint before marijuana was allowed. Pre-rolls and other cannabis consumption choices are readily available, but many current users surely don't know how to create their own joints.

It is evident that no one is barred from contemporary cannabis culture if they lack the physical ability to roll a joint. There are THC-diamond-loaded joints, rose petal blunts, and oil-wrapped pre-rolls available for users who are unable to make their own smokes. However, smoking a joint provides an unparalleled sense of pleasure. When you take a hit, it tastes a certain way, making it feel more deserving. No matter how long you've been a cannabis user, it's never too late to start rolling your first joint.

A Guide to Rolling Joints

There are six different steps involved in rolling a joint. Make sure you have the following components before beginning the procedure:

  • The strain of marijuana you've chosen
  • Rolling papers or pre-roll cones
  • Crutch 
  • Grinder

Grinding Your Weed

Grinding Your Weed after being finely powdered, cannabidiol (CBD) is most effective. The dried plant should be simple to disassemble. Using a grinder won't make your hands sticky, and smoke won't leak over the paper. If you don't have access to a grinder, try using scissors or a pair of keys to cut the cannabis into smaller pieces.

When you grind your product, you get rid of any sharp stems or edges that might rip your pre-roll or rolling paper, making rolling your product easier.

Pack it up and Put it in

A little plastic tube is often offered when buying a cone from a dispensary or smoke shop like Frost or your local head store to help maintain the cone's form. Use this device as a packer to make sure the pre-roll cone is completely packed. Instead of a straw, you may use a chopstick, pencil eraser, or any other long, thin object.

Start by applying pressure on some cannabis that is located close to the crutch at the cone's base. You cannot obtain a perfect round junction without first filling the base of your cone. Your joints might all break and collapse if you don't load this correctly.

This is a simple process if you use rolling papers. It just requires that you keep rolling the paper between your fingers until a cone is formed.

Make a filter or crutch.

Making a crutch, also known as a "filter" or "tip," to insert into the rolling sheets is required after the cannabis has been ground up. You will need some thin cardboard or an alternative. The rolling paper is supported at one end by this crutch. You may make a junction of any thickness by first folding your paper into a "accordion" shape at the end, and then rolling it up. The filter's purpose while smoking a joint is to prevent vibrations from escaping. It also preserves the shape of your work. 

Twist and shout or rock and roll

How nicely your joint comes out is significantly influenced by the final rolling of the sheets. Before rolling your joint, take sure to tuck the unglued end of the paper within the wrap. Lick the top edge and then seal it with a last roll (leave a tiny gap at the end). If you begin on the filter side, tucking and sealing will be considerably simpler.

To ensure a strong seal when using pre-roll cones, don't fill the paper all the way to the top. A piece of paper is rolled between the thumb and index finger until the joint eventually becomes the shape of a wick.

The First Smoke

Now that the effort is finished, it's time to reward yourself with a puff. Carefully light the candle without putting your hands anywhere near the cannabis. If you want to pass the wooden match around, make sure it is completely out of the flame.

Take pleasure in the flavor of the cigarette you just expertly rolled. Well done! Congratulations, you may now take use of your newly acquired joint rolling knowledge.

Once you've mastered the art of rolling, go over to Bud Depot Dispensary in Lyons to get cones, rolling papers, or if you prefer, premium pre-rolled joints.

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