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Where Can I Purchase RSO Tincture in Boulder?

Feb 17

Since its prohibition and stigmatization in the 1960s, the cannabis industry has undergone tremendous development. As a result of the industry's tolerance and growing acceptance, farmers and producers have made great progress. Dispensaries provide a variety of options, facilitating consumption and allowing patients to fully personalize their experiences.

Cannabis tinctures are an increasingly popular and in-demand way of cannabis consumption. It is favored by marijuana consumers due to its high tensile strength and flexibility. RSO is a newer type of cannabis oil. The definition of RSO and the ways in which it differs from other oils are of great interest. This blog's response to the enquiry will be investigated.

What is an RSO Tincture?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), often known as high THC oil, has a variety of applications and purposes. It has a similar consistency to asphalt and is a thick, black oil. The color of the oil may vary significantly due to the fact that it is derived from various cannabis strains. In order to facilitate administration, storage, and consumption, RSO is typically packaged in syringes.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Knowing what RSO oil is also demands comprehension of its origins. Rick Simpson, a Canadian medical marijuana advocate, produced the oil. Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma at the turn of the millennium. Throughout his life, he had utilized cannabis as a natural cure for his illness and other ailments.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis

As soon as Mr. Simpson was diagnosed with cancer, he began blending his own oils to treat his symptoms, and the trial-and-error phase began. After putting ointment to cancerous growths on his skin, he would bandage them. A few days later, he was shocked by the results. Then, in an effort to assist others who had similar feelings, he set out to make RSO well-known. In fact, he distributed copies of RSO in his native Canada, calling them "Phoenix tears." Simpson's errors led to the creation of new marijuana strain options for individuals seeking them.

RSO is a whole-plant extract that contains all of the cannabis plant's cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. An RSO is created using a solvent, most commonly grain alcohol, but ethanol, CO2, or butane may also be used.

During this procedure, marijuana buds are placed in a large container containing alcohol. To accomplish complete blending, cannabis and alcohol are combined and mashed for many minutes. After that, it is moved to a separate container where the residual solvent is slowly evaporated by boiling. This causes the development of a THC-rich, black oil resembling tar.

It is essential to remember that the potency of RSO oil varies with the strain used to produce it.

How is RSO Employed?

The vast majority of RSOs are typically delivered topically, orally, or sublingually (put beneath the tongue). It is essential to initiate RSO use gradually, and dose guidelines for this strong oil are typically provided. The first piece of advice is to begin with a small quantity. This allows you to keep track of how you're feeling and modify the dosage as necessary to achieve the outcomes that best meet your medical requirements.

Additionally, RSO can be utilized in the kitchen. Due to the fact that RSO does not remove any of the cannabis plant's components, it may have a disagreeable flavor; consequently, you should attempt to compensate by utilizing tasty infusions.

Where Can RSO Be Found in Boulder?

RSO is now available at some dispensaries in the Boulder area, but not all of them. 

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