As an OSRS gold buyer, it is very important that you find the right company for your needs. So how do we know if they are reputable? We have compiled this ultimate help guide on buying OSRS Gold and putting yourself in touch with reliable sellers who can satisfy all of those RS desires without getting scammed.

Why Buy OSRS Gold?

OSRS Gold is the best way to have more free time. One side is suppliers, who work eight hours a day and on the other, there are buyers with another full-time job that just want some gold so they can buy RS items they need for the game.

Most players have jobs, spouses, and children before they can play the game that they love. Let’s say you need 4 hours a day to make 10-20 million OSRS GP but if outsource by buying gold from an RS gold website then just spend about $12 to get about 20 million OSRS gold.

Making more OSRS gold is one of the best ways to save time in Old School Runescape. You can upgrade your armor, get what you need for upcoming quests and even purchase items from other players!

Factors To Look Out For When Buying Old School RuneScape Gold

Buying OSRS gold can be a risky investment, but if you know what types of scams exist before doing so then the risk is mitigated. Scams and fake accounts are widespread in this market for RS Gold purchases from strangers.

There are many factors to consider when buying OSRS gold. Here’s some information on where you can find trusted sellers.


To find out if an OSRS Gold seller is reliable, check Google Reviews or other third-party review sites like Trustpilot. You can trust the first-hand accounts of past customers who leave honest reviews on their own accord to help you make your decision in choosing where to buy gold with peace of mind.

OSRS Gold Prices

When looking for the best RuneScape gold sites, make sure to check out their reputation first before making any transactions with them. Also, be wary of those selling OSRS Gold at unreasonably low prices as they might actually scam you!

Delivery Method

You should be careful when buying RS Gold from a seller that doesn’t clearly state how they will deliver it. The website should provide guidelines for safely delivering your OSRS gold. If you’re waiting longer than usual and notice that other people have had issues with this site in the past, then beware because they may end up not giving any items after taking your money.